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Rates and Opening hours

Rates  2014

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With the bus to the Zoo!

From 1st May, 2014 you can come to the zoo by bus!!!

The service is available every day at the following times:

Going: 9.30, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00
Returning: 9.45, 12.15. 15.15, 18.15



The service will be available until 30th September, 2014
The bus stop is situated in front of ''Farmacia Margutti'', in front of the Falconara Marittima train station.
Download the map here


By handing in the bus ticket used on the journey at the ticket office of the Zoo, the client will have a reduction on the entrance fee.

(The ticket must corrispond to the same day as the visit to the Zoo)



A big welcome to Nico!

Daddy Orazio and Mummy Clara introduce you to Nico, a three-week old male who follows his parents boldly around the enclosure.
This little one was born after an average of 12 months gestation and will be fed by its mother for about a year.
The camel (Camelus bactrianus) is an Asian animal with two humps, which are important fat reserves useful to these animals as sources of energy in the periods when water and food is scarse. Baby camels are born without them but not long after they start to form.
     IMG 45532  IMG 46074

A big welcome to Astra!!!

The Nyala family (Tragelaphus angasii) has a new member for the second time.

After the birth of Comet, who is now about three months old, we would like to introduce you to Astra!!!
Astra is now a month old and she has started spending her days in the sun under the watchful eye of her mother Frieda.
AstraConMadre 2  IMG 8695

"Pole to Pole"




Parco Zoo Falconara join the international EAZA campaign"Pole to Pole"




This campaign is about the two Poles; the wonderfully varied species living there and the threats they face. A campaign focusing on EVERYONE and how small changes in our behaviour can help saving polar species.The Pole to Pole Campaign focuses on one, simple individual action: Pull the plug of electronic devices that are not in use.

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A new star at the Zoo

With the festive season just over, everyone has received gifts and so have we at Falconara Zoo. At the New Year we had the pleasure of receiving little Cometa, a baby Nyala who is being looked after affectionately by her mum Olga and dad Rukano. Cometa is already taking her first steps under the attentive guard of her parents.

IMG 8300 IMG 8306

Nyalas (Tragelaphus angasii) are an African antelope that are very deft and good at camouflaging themselves thanks to their striped mane. They are very active in the early mornings and at nightfall, but during the day they prefer to stay in the shade. The differences between the females and males of this species is very evident, the males on reaching their sexual maturity have a dark mane and horns that can be as long as 80 cm.

The Caissara thank you all!

salvailleontopitecoSince 2011 Parco Zoo Falconara has collaborated with Parco Zoo Punta Verde to sustain the project SAVE THE CAISSARA.
Here at Falconara Zoo the campaign has taken place in the Educational Laboratory where, with the help of posters, gadgets, face-painting, masks and lots of other material the educational staff has introduced this South-American primate to its visitors.
It is THANKS to the contribution of all our visitors that for the 2013 season
3.010 euro have been devolved to the SAVE THE CASSARA Campaign.

For further information on this project: http://www.puntaverdeinsitu.org/save_the_caissara.html

The ‘miniature monkeys’ have arrived.

We have three new guests: The Callimico
These new animals are three males of 11, 6 and 4 years old and belong to the Callimico species. Goeldi (Callimico goeldii). They come from the Polish zoo, Plock.
These South American monkeys are less than half a metre long (including their tail)
and weigh about 500-600 grams each.
A new area has been created at Falconara Zoo, studied and projected especially for their arrival.
DSC 0503 DSC 0499

Pink and Blue ribbons at Parco Zoo Falconara (AN)

Alex and Serena, our young lion couple have become parents. Their family now has three very sweet cubs. Leo, a male and Bea and Zoe the female. Captivity doesn't modify the natural instincts of animals and in fact the new mum is jealously taking care of her little ones which she keeps 'hidden' in the internal part of the enclosure. The cubs are growing well thanks to Serena the lioness. Soon we will be able to see them playing and teasing their dad Alex.

  6    leoni

But they aren't the only newborns in the zoo.
Spending a day walking around the zoo it is possible to meet Bella the donkey, Peter, the little goat (both born about a month ago) and all the 'expectant' mums.

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